Muse Series of Products

MuseLab series of products are uniquely designed and are used with Stem and IoT lessons in schools and the makers’ communities in Hong Kong and greater China. Our products are also exported and used in schools in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, USA.

We recently developed a Micro processor Lego compatible housing, which we called MuseBricks®. Our MuseBrick is the first Lego compatible housing (can house rechargeable battery, motors and sensors) that is presently available for use by all popular microcontroller, viz. Micro:Bit, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ESP8266. Students will enjoy using this compact housing to explore a wide variety of IoT projects.

We are working on a certified IoT course using MuseLab STEM and IoT hardware with our partners – Koding Kingdom. We hope this will encourage many students and teachers to take this course. Additionally, we have just launched a drone kit pack for students to make their drones – another first of its kind for students to make and fly their own drone.


A unique housing for all popular microcontroller

MuseRover® 1.0

Robotic car, powered by BBC Micro:Bit

Muse Robotic-Arm™

4-axis fully programmable robotic arm

The woodlog blocks

The Woodlog Blocks are an environmental friendly building blocks with STEM educational concept. It provides a simple course for the students who over 6 years-old. Learner will get more knowledge through the step including science, information technology and environment.

Anemometer and Wind Vane

2 in 1 product, Adaptable to Micro:bit

Our Partners

Pui Ching Academy