Our modular MuseBricks® is a housing to accommodate all common microcontroller and is ideal for students and the makers’ communities to explore and build more STEM and IoT projects.

It was purposely designed with the idea of keeping all the essential electronics, especially, the batteries, motors, microcontroller and wirings inside one compact case. The unsightly, messy jumper wires and crocodile clips are items of the past.

As our housing is Lego compatible, it fits nicely with all Lego related blocks. Lego enthusiasts can bring out their Lego bricks to include in their projects, using our MuseBricks®.

The following products fit perfectly on our MuseBricks®

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Our  MuseLab Battery Shield includes multi-voltage outputs to suit all makers’ needs. It comes with rechargeable 3.7V LiPo batteries to provide 3V, 5V and 7.4V which makes it the perfect match if you want to drive DC or Servo Motors directly without having to add more components and wires.

The MuseLab Battery Shield is designed with the most common form factor to fit all Arduino’s and equivalent microcontroller and allow further stacking of auxiliary shields like our MuseLab WiFi IoT Shield for Micro:Bit.

This product allows you to keep your project nice and clean!

The following products fit perfectly on our MuseLab Battery Shield

The MuseLab WiFi IoT Shield will enhance your Micro:Bit effortlessly and in ways never seen before. Simply slide your Micro:Bit into the MuseLab Edge Connector, done!

The WiFi module allows your Micro:Bit to communicate with the internet and thus offers you an amazing new world of IoT features, such as ThingSpeak, IFTTT, Cisco Packet Tracer a.m.m.

One 4-pin I2C and four 3-pin I/O ports are making it easy to connect all common sensor available on the market. The OLED screen will provide you with important status messages, such as your Network IP.

*Micro:Bit not included.

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Micro:Bit not included.

Micro:Bit not included.

Disclaimer: * LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which do not sponsor, authorize or endorse MuseLab and/or its products.

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